Business Intelligence Specialist Career

Career description:

A business intelligence specialist has a host of responsibilities. He has to plan the blueprints of various business endeavors and oversee their optimized implementation, monitoring at each stage. The tasks also include providing full proof business intelligence solutions to the clientele base, and modify those, if required. A business intelligence specialist has an exclusive role in strategy-making platform of the company. In most of the cases, he/she has to work with data and has to perform quantitative analysis.

How to become a business intelligence specialist:

In order to become a successful business intelligence specialist, one has to have extensive knowledge in economics, accountancy, statistics and the likes. A background in commerce gives the necessary impetus to excel in this particular field.

One needs to keep one’s self updated about the business news in the international market, that prove to be beneficial to structure the business intelligence solutions in a much better manner.

Business intelligence specialist career courses, training, programs:

There are various courses taught at different institutes that help a person to become an efficient business intelligence specialist. The training is modulated in a manner that the concerned person gets hands on experience about working in a strategic position in a business environment. The programs in the US are tailor-made to make one competitive in the international business scenario.

Business intelligence specialist schools/colleges, education:

The top tier schools and colleges in the US are the best places for business intelligence education. The curricula are designed to provide with ample expertise and sharpen one’s skills in this regards.

Top 5 colleges/universities:


Harvard Business School

Carnegie Mellon University

Tepper School of Business

Duke University

Business intelligence specialist career job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The scope of business intelligence specialist is primarily in the private sector, though public sector too has a demand for such professionals. The MNCs heavily rely on business intelligence specialists for their growth and diversification in products and services. The average salary of a newly recruited business intelligence specialist is about $65,000/annum exclusive of perks.

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