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Majoring in Business can help you get a high salary.  According to statistical data, in some cases, this may be about 16% higher than the average salary as compared to any other subject-majors.

Career options for those who have pursued courses in Business are many.  While some careers require only a Bachelor’s degree, others may require additional qualifications like a degree in Management or Business Administration depending on the career one wants to pursue.

A number of job options are available for those who want to pursue business careers.  These include jobs like Investment Banker, Budget Analyst, Financial Analyst, Management Trainee to name a few.

Job opportunities in business careers are available in various spheres.  You have the choice of government jobs, jobs in nonprofit organizations or jobs in academic fields.  Sectors like technology and healthcare also have job openings for business majors.

Most business jobs require a bachelor’s degree even for entry-level positions.  The advancement in business careers depends a lot on the qualifications and experience.

Career change from business careers to management positions and top administrative positions is possible with the required exposure and experience.

Salaries in business careers vary greatly depending on the qualifications, sector and the position.

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