Business Sales Manager Career

Career description:

A business sales manager is entrusted with the job function of taking care of sales volumes, sales staff, and getting more clients for the company. Mostly business sales managers are hired when the relationship between the company and its customers is a B2B (business to business). The end customer is also a business entity and purchases inventory or uses the services for its business functioning.

How to become a Business Sales Manager:

To become a business sales manager, candidates can complete their bachelor’s degree in business management and then take up master of business administration, preferably in sales. A sales experience of 2-3 years can add valuable advantage to the candidature of the applicant who is applying for the position of a business sales manager.

Business Sales Manager career courses, training, programs:

Candidates can choose among umpteen colleges and training institutes that teach courses in business management, marketing, sales, customer service, etc. Students should be able to develop a practical understanding of these topics and apply the concepts in real life well.

Business Sales Manager career schools/colleges, education:

Multiple colleges and universities can be found in the United States that offer courses in business management. Students can join any of the below universities or schools as they are known to provide good quality teaching in sales.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Ashford University

Grand Canyon University

Colorado Technical University

American Inter Continental University

Sanford – Brown College

Business Sales Manager career job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Candidates who are interested to become business sales managers can find umpteen number of opportunities in fields like hotels, telecommunications, wireless business solutions, cosmetics, etc. It needs at least 3-5 years of relevant sales experience to become a business sales manager. The salary of a business sales manager per annum can be anywhere between $36,000 and $121,000 with the median salary being $78,000 per year. These estimates are projected by Pay Scale and published in the form of National Salary data.

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