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Business courses are by far the most popular career courses as compared to any other courses.  One of the reasons is the number of career options that open up, when you pursue a business degree program.  Many students also choose to pursue a Masters which improves their job prospects greatly.

Business degree programs include both practical training in business as well as theoretical studies.  Subjects include business management, commerce, finance, marketing, business laws, taxation, etc.

The ‘real-world curriculum’ designed by the institutes helps students to understand and cope with the dynamic business world, when they graduate.  These courses also offer solid foundation, internship programs and hands-on training to equip the students to handle real-life business problems.

Many students go on to pursue MBA degrees after graduating in Business studies.  This career path is very popular because it opens a number of doors to those looking for high-paying jobs.

Many schools, colleges and universities offer business courses.  The top 5 institutions which offer business courses are:

Harvard University

Stanford University

University of Pennsylvania (Wharton)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)

University of Chicago

Many institutions also offer online colleges degrees and online degree programs in business management, which can be very helpful while looking for a career in business. Some of the popular institutes offering online degrees in business are:

Capella University

University of Phoenix

AIU Online

In a highly competitive job market such as today, it is important to have Business degrees to make your mark in the industry.  Continuing education to update your knowledge is also becoming a decisive factor if you want to grow in the industry.

Business education is expensive and most students look for some kind of help with their tuition fees.  A number of options are open to the students in the form of scholarships, loans and research stipends.  The eligibility for these options may vary depending on the institute.  You can choose one depending on your requirement as well as the eligibility.

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