Business Science Career

A fairly new area of expertise, business science career mixes both business and science. This will help an individual to apply into a business organization with a scientific background. A business science career will ensure that an individual’s expertise is not limited to science or business but both.

How to become a Business Science Manager:

A business science career is a niche segment and hence one needs to have liking for both science and business. Educational options are very limited and available only in South Africa although a few online courses are available across the world. There are different types of organizations and institutions where one can pursue their career goals in business science. Some of the organizations focusing on business science include universities, pharmaceutical companies, scientific research organizations etc.

Business Science career courses, training, programs:

The basic educational requirements to pursue a business science career are to hold a bachelor’s degree in business science. Currently, this degree program is available only in South Africa. The second option is to complete a Bachelor of Science program and then apply for a master of business and science program. The third option is to complete a Bachelor of Science program and then apply for an MBA.

Business Science career schools/colleges, education:

As a part of the bachelor of business science program, one will specialize in subjects from both science and business including accounting, actuarial science, computer science, economics, finance, information systems, law, marketing, organizational psychology, quantitative finance, and management.

Top colleges/universities:

Queens school of business, Canada

Rutgers, University of New Jersey

USC Marshall School of Business          

Business Science job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The average salary for a business science manager in the USA varies from $39,463 to $55,248 annually. Procurement managers in pharmaceutical industries can get an average salary of $118,390 per year. The job opportunities are also good.

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