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Business statistics career can be quite challenging but above all it is all about numbers. As a business statistics expert, one will need to analyze data and create reports on the basis of the data for their respective organization or clients. The primary role of a business statistics expert is to create reports related to financial, operational, and technical aspects of the organization and their clients. One has to not only create reports on business operation based on data analysis but also suggest improvements.

How to become a Business Statistics Manager:

If one is good with numbers and likes mathematical equations and statistical data analyses then a business statistics career is the right choice. A career in business statistics can be very demanding because one has to focus on several aspects of a business including growth, areas for improvement, business operations, data spreadsheets, business modeling, business forecasting and much more. One will need to work with metrics and reporting systems and hence the knowledge of the same is important. The primary educational requirement is a bachelor’s degree in economics or statistics.

Business Statistics career courses, training, programs:

Most of the top colleges and universities in the US offer bachelor’s degree in statistics. One can opt between a BA program in Statistics and a BS program in statistics. The only difference is that in a BS program, one will need to choose science subjects as well. One can even opt for an associate degree in math’s and statistics.

 Business Statistics career schools/colleges, education:

In order to pursue a business statistics career one needs to complete a BA or BS program in statistics. A statistics major focuses on specialization in calculus, linear algebra, and various principles of statistics. Some of the principles in focus are Bayesian statistics, stochastic processes, Monte Carlo method, non-parametric statistics, and regression analysis.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Harvard University

Stanford University

University Of Pennsylvania

Arizona State University at the Tempe Campus

Texas Tech University           

Business Statistics job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The average salary for a business statistics analyst in the USA varies from $46,000 to $70,000 annually. The average salary for a senior business statistics analyst varies from $88,000 to $110,000 per year.

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