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It never matters whether you stay in a tree-house, a cabin, a bungalow or a mansion, furnishing your house will always require a cabinet maker. A cabinet maker is a builder and a carpenter who erects structures and builds cabinets, wardrobes, dressing tables and even shelves. A Cabinet maker also undertakes repairs whenever some patching up is required and occasional maintenance.

Every good cabinet maker understands the pros n cons of all wood and carpentry materials. Majority of cabinet making work is done in spring, summer and fall. However, it is not uncommon to find cabinet makers working indoors or outdoors during winter.

How to Become a Cabinet Maker

Once you have your high school diploma, we could as well say that your career as a cabinet maker is on track. To be a cabinet maker, you must possess a good knowledge of wood, nails and metal and wall materials. You must know the grain, flexibility, costs, customer preferences and purpose. For this, a short career course on construction materials may prove to be handy. Most cabinet constructors acquire skills by apprenticeship; that is linking and working under a qualified and experienced cabinet maker.

Types, Description, Information

Are you wondering how to prepare for a career in cabinet making? Or just considering option available after acquiring some experience? Many cabinet makers have their own businesses although some usually get employed by large companies or at construction sites. Those running their own businesses can either have their own shops or work onsite on the customer’s premises.

With training and experience, a cabinet maker can advance to a senior job position like a foreperson or superintendent.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Certification

A high school course will prove to be very vital here. It doesn’t act as a pre-requisite to post secondary program and is not mandatory in order to serve as a cabinet maker. However, it is greatly advised that you consult with a career counselor in order to weigh your individual opportunity.

However, an added advantage will be a certification in either of these courses: Furniture technician, Carpenter general, Apprenticeship, wood products manufacturing technology, carpentry, woodworking technician or woodwork. Some of the top colleges for cabinet makers include:

University of Phoenix –Phoenix

AIU Online

Ashworth College –Georgia

DeVry University –Devry

Strayer University Online

Job opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

Cabinet makers’ opportunities are diverse depending on state and town, but a common thing is that they are never out of work. Although jobs may drop in winter, there will always be work for cabinet makers willing to work indoors. Cabinet makers usually put in 50-hours a week or more depending on work deadlines and flexibility. The salaries and pay vary depending on level of expertise and customers but typically, an apprentice will earn $10 – $15 an hour while senior supervisors and professional cabinet makers put in between $32 – $40 an hour. The annual average pay varies greatly but it is in the range of $77,000.

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