Cable Technician Career

Candidates who would like to become a cable technician need not possess any definite path of education but it is expected that they know about cable fittings and repair with at least a high school diploma in hand. Candidates working as a cable technician should handle cable communications, make electrical connections to the cable components, and handle equipment installation. Good customer service skills are preferred by the employer from prospective cable technicians. The following are the career related considerations for candidates working as cable technicians.

How to become a Cable Technician:

Candidates can take up a wide range of courses in order to become eligible for the position of a cable technician. The most sought after courses are Career Diploma – Computer Networking, Career Diploma – Basic Electronics, Career Diploma – Computer Service and Repair, AS in Electronic Technology, Career Diploma – Electrician Training, BS in Electronic Engineering Technology, etc.

Cable Technician career courses, training, programs:

Candidates should take up career courses and training programs from community colleges in order to become eligible for the job of a cable technician. Candidates can do additional certificate courses in telecommunications, electrical engineering, etc.

Cable Technician career schools/colleges, education:

Candidates can opt for multiple courses as given below that teach specialized courses in cable technician. Candidates should develop their mathematical and electrical skills. Candidates should be able to analyze problems and fix them well.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

ITT Technical Institute

Remington College

ECPI University

Colorado Technical University

Southern New Hampshire University

Cable Technician job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Candidates who would like to work as cable technicians work in popular industries like digital cable or broadband provider, telecommunication firms, network and communication services, cable television programming, etc. Candidates who work as cable technicians are paid an hourly rate ranging between $12 and $30. This translates to a yearly compensation of between $26,000 and $70,000. The median salary is about $48,000 per year. These salary estimates are taken from the Pay Scale website.

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