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You will spend most of your time on the telephone since the main part of the job consists of handling numerous calls throughout the day in call center careers. You will generate or receive these calls. If you cannot answer a particular question, you can transfer the call to a more appropriate person who has the expertise to handle it. You will also do a lot of customer service and sales and marketing for companies. Call center agents also provide technical or support services to customers who have outsourced their services. These can be overseas companies or companies within the same country. Call centers work 24 hours a day, therefore you should expect to have shifts any time of the day or night.

How to Have a Call Center Career

To have a call centre career, after getting your High School diploma, it is advisable for you to get a college education. Most call centers will recruit individuals who have an undergraduate degree regardless of the field of study. However, having a customer care or related qualification will be an advantage. Being computer literate is necessary since call centre agents work through computers.

You need to have good pronunciation and grammar to work in a call center. This is very important since you will be speaking a lot over the telephone to many people around the world and they need to hear what you are saying for effective communication. Employers look for this therefore you should do a lot of practice by recording your voice and listening to your diction and accent.

Types, Description, Information

You have many options when it comes to career paths since call centers differ. Some call centers specifically deal with providing customer care service, others specialize in sales and marketing while others provide customer support to particular companies.

There are many options of job designations you can have in a call center career. You can work as a regional field agent, home agent, outbound agent, inbound agent, customer relations agent, customer care assistant or live agent.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Programs

Some of the training programs that you can study if you want to pursue a call center career include a course in Customer Service, Sales and Marketing, Business Administration or Public Relations.

Schools, Colleges, Universities

As a prerequisite, you will need a High School Diploma to be admitted into college for your training course. A GPA of 3.0 in your SAT scores is a necessity. Most colleges especially certification online programs will demand that you sit an entrance exam before admission.

One of the best call center training institutions is Phoenix College Online.

Job Opportunities, Salary, Recruitment

The job outlook for those in call center careers is good since most companies are continuously transferring their services to call centers. Depending on your job designation and level of experience, the annual pay ranges from $16,000 to $74,000.

Call Center Operations Manager Career

Call Center Director Career

Call Center Office Manager Career

Call Center Project Manager Career

Call Centre General Manager Career

Customer Services Specialist Career

Customer Service Career

Customer Service Executive Career

Customer Service Manager Career

Answering Service Career

Call Centre Agent Career

Call Centre Representative Career

Call Centre Supervisor Career

Call Centre Telemarketing Manager Career

Call Centre Telesales Executive Career

Inbound Call Centre Career

Outbound Call Centre Career

KPO Career

BPO Career

Call Centre Manager Career

Call Centre Team Leader Career

Call Centre Training Manager Career

Call Centre Workforce Scheduler Career

Call Centre Process Specialist Career

Call Centre Consultant Career

Call Centre Service Specialist Career

Call Center Senior Engineer Career

Call Center Sales Manager Career

HR Call Center Analyst Career

Inbound Call Center Agent Career

Contact Center Outbound Specialist Career

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