Call Center Manager Career

Call Center Managers ensure that the customer service or telemarketing teams perform their responsibilities properly and supervise the day to day operations. They are responsible for selecting and training call center employees and interacting with customers and client businesses frequently. They are also responsible for monitoring and evaluating the performance of the call center.

Pursuing a Career as a Call Center Manager

If you want to work as a Call Center Manger, then you must be an experienced call center professional to qualify for it. To get to that level, you will need to start working in a Call Center and learn the necessary skills of customer interaction and the tasks of the job in detail. You would need to have excellent communication, selling and leadership skills. You would have to lead by example and would need to be familiar with the telecommunication software and every call center activity to be able to successfully guide junior workers.

Call Center Manager Career: Qualification, Courses, Training

You could qualify to become a Call Center Manager if you are an experienced call center professional and hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or a field of study relevant to that. Experienced professionals could be selected by waiving off the condition of the educational qualification.

Call Center Manager Career: Schools, Colleges, Universities

The following are some of the most prestigious Business schools and call center training centers in the United States, which could help the careers of Call Center Managers.

  • Stanford University, Graduate School of Business, Stanford, CA
  • Harvard University, Harvard Business School, Boston, MA
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA
  • Call Center Training Solutions, Plantation, FL
  • Call Center Learning Institute, Belgrade, MO
  • Customer Operations Performance Center Inc., Austin, TX

Call Center Manager Career: Job Opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

The future looks bright as far as employment opportunities for Call Center Managers are concerned, as the growth for these positions are expected to be at 5% for the period 2008-2018 as per the figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average salary for Call Center Managers ranges from $38,000 to $59,000 per year.

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