Call Center Representative Career

Call Center Representatives are professionals who are required to assist consumers of an employing organization on the telephone or are assigned the task of reaching potential customers of the business through telephone for the promotion of their products or services. Call Center Representatives work on fixed working hours on hourly wages.

Pursuing a Career as a Call Center Representative

You should pursue a career as a Call Center Representative if you are good at talking to people on the telephone and convincing them in very little time. Good communications and verbal skills are necessary for becoming a successful Call Center Representative. You would be required to be cheerful and talk to customers in a polite and discreet manner despite taking several calls back to back under stressful working conditions.

Call Center Representative: Qualification, Courses, Training

There are no particular training requirements for becoming a Call Center Representative except for communications and selling skills. Even experience is not a requirement as new comers are easily induced after a brief training. However, specialized training is a requirement for those not familiar with the job and is usually offered in the Call Centers. A High School Diploma could also be required for the position.

Call Center Representative Career: Schools, Colleges, Universities

There are several Call Center training institutes on local level across the United States, but the following are the most important and well known ones.

  • Call Center Training Solutions, Plantation, FL
  • Call Center Learning Institute, Belgrade, MO
  • Customer Operations Performance Center Inc., Austin, TX
  • International Customer Management Institute, Colorado Springs, CO
  • The Resource Center for Customer Service Professionals, Western Springs, IL

Call Center Representative Career: Job Opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, an employment growth of 18% is expected for Call Center Representatives from 2008 to 2018. The average hourly wages of these professionals are $14.36.

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