Capital Market Analyst Career

Capital market analyst is primarily a number crunching job. A capital market analyst is involved with various brokerage firms and equity investment companies. Such a person provides information for customers, brokers, traders and sales staff and generally helps in the flow of cash which is the mainstay of this industry. The job is a challenging one and it is very dynamic as well.

How to become a capital market analyst:

One should examine oneself in order to check if one has the necessary qualities to become a capital market analyst. For example, a gift with numbers, high levels of personal integrity, a desire to understand the market of equity and security investments are some of the skills needed for the job post.

Capital market analyst career courses, training, programs:

A capital market analyst needs to undergo proper training in order to do well at the job. This includes increasing proficiency with computers, improving writing skills and understanding the manner in which mutual funds, pension funds and banks work.

Capital market analyst career schools/colleges, education:

A bachelor’s degree in the field of accounting, statistics, business administration and finance is important for the job of a capital market analyst. A CFA or an MBA degree is also a prerequisite for obtaining the job of a capital market analyst. This experience can be added to by including summer internships and so on, where training in how to apply for job listings is provided.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Walden University

Strayer University

Grand Canyon University

Ashford University

Capital market analyst job opportunities, salaries/pay:

A capital market analyst’s job will bring in an approximate amount of 60,000 USD per annum depending on the institute with which he is attached, the kind of work experience gathered as well as the specific area in which the individual has completed his internship in.

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