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Car manufacturers rely in efficient car designers to come up with innovative designs that will capture the imagination of the public that wishes to buy cars in the near future. Car is one of the preferred modes of transportation and helping companies design new and attractive models remains a continued challenge to the car designers. The focus should not only be on better designs but also on cost effective ones. Hence the job of a car designer is challenging but lucrative.

How to become a Car Designer:

Those candidates who wish to apply for the job of a car designer should gain the necessary designing education and should preferably gain work experience by working with major car manufacturers. Employers look for skilled car designers who are very talented and who have designed good model cars for their previous employers.

Car Designer career courses, training, programs:

There are many specialized training programs and courses that teach car designing techniques which include knowledge of the whole design of the car, car parts, and their substitute auto parts. This benefits the individual as they can venture on their own to develop car designs and showcase their talent effectively.

Car Designer career schools/colleges, education:

Many schools, colleges, and technical institutes teach courses on auto part designing and manufacturing that provides the necessary know-how to students to become successful car designers.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Texas Tech University

New England Institute of Technology

California State Polytechnic University

Iowa State University

Oklahoma State University

Car Designer job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Candidates who are aspiring to become a car designer can find no dearth of career opportunities. Openings for the position of car designer can be found in car manufacturing companies, marketing companies especially for automobile manufacturers, etc. According to the salary estimates by Pay Scale which is released after extensive research of salaries paid in the US, the annual compensation of a car designer may vary from $42,000 to $94,000 with the median annual salary being about $64,000.

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