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A Career Assessment Test would help determines a definite field of work for a person based on the type of the personality of the person, the way the person would manage work, the way the person deals with others on and off the workplace and the way the person makes his or her decisions.

Why Take the Career Assessment Test?


A Career Assessment Test is one of the basic vocational tools used by counselors which can help those who are not sure about what career they should be choosing. Sometimes such people are not even aware of their talents and ideas. Other than that, employees who feel dissatisfied with their jobs should also take this test to see whether the job they have taken suits their personality and interests, and if they should take another career path, what it should be.

Who Formulates a Career Assessment Test?

The Career Assessment Test is created by vocational experts and psychologists, based on career development theories which link personality traits and interests with suitable career choices.


The Career Assessment Tests based on any one of the following vocational models could prove very useful.

  • John Holland’s RIASEC Career Development Model
  • Frank Parsons’ Career Development Theory
  • Birkman Method


Career Assessment Test: Method

The Career Assessment Test is based on a questionnaire that covers a number of questions covering decision making, reasoning method, the perception of the results of decisions made, comfort level at various situations at work place, work method, visual and persuasive abilities and a number of more factors.


Career Assessment Test: Impact

Career Assessment Test is not only able to make out the talents of a person, but even interests of these people through their answers to the questions in the test. It should be able to recommend a defined field of work for a person



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