Career Builder Test

A Career Builder Test is a career counseling tool which helps college students to determine what sort of career they are interested in. It is designed particularly for the college

Why Take the Career Builder Test?

The Career Builder Test should be taken by anyone who wants to learn about their broad work interests in life. For the people who seek career guidance, who are not sure about what to do with their lives or who feel stuck in a particular job position, the Career Builder Test can make them learn what direction would be the most suitable for them. Whether you are a dissatisfied worker or a student looking for the right career path, the test could help you avoid making wrong decisions.

Who Formulates a Career Builder Test?

The Career Builder Test is formulated by psychologists and vocational researchers. The test is based on the idea that a person’s career must suit their personality type, values and preferences in terms of work and the view about the world. You should refer to trusted and reliable sources for accurate and trustworthy results.


The following College Career Test sources could offer you the best results.

  • John Holland’s RIASEC Career Development Model
  • Frank Parsons’ Career Development Theory
  • Birkman Method

Career Builder Test: Method

The Career Builder test is a simple question with close ended answers which allows to make you choices regarding your style of work, your personality traits, your perception of others, your style of discussion, your relations with others, your decision making and reasoning style among other factors. The results of the test are formulated on the basis of the choices made in the questionnaire.

Career Builder Test: Impact

The Career Builder Test will recommend the most suitable career for you based on your personality type and outlook on life. 

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