Career Change at 40

Career change at 40 need not sound ominous if you take into account the new-age mantra, which proclaims that the 40s are the new 20s.  The most obvious and oft-asked question that confronts you as you look at a career change at 40 is “Why?”  With more and more people working well into their 70s, an answer to that would be “Why not?” 40s is a good time to switch careers, if you so wish.

Any change comes with all the usual dilemmas and hesitations.  To overcome such inner-struggles, it is best to follow some guidelines as you come to this crossroads.

Look for the answers both within and outside of yourself.

As you first embarked on your career, your goals, perspective and vision may have been different.  With years of experience behind you, the career change at 40 will bring in a whole new set of reasons.

It is imperative to have realistic goals at this stage, as the leeway for mistakes is marginalized. Financial stability and security along with job satisfaction and job security should get their due priority.

Most studies show that 40s heralds the peak of one’s career and it is a good idea to bring your ‘transferable skills’ to your new career.  It is also a difficult phase to learn new skills, but this holds good only if you are not truly interested or enthusiastic about it.  If the desire to learn something new to start a different career is genuine, then the learning-process becomes that much easier.

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