Career Change Counseling

Career change counseling is the best option for you if you are going through a career transition.  Rated among the most stressful periods of one’s life, career change is not an easy undertaking.  This stressful and worrisome transition can be a smooth sailing if you take career change counseling.

Most people want to change their careers for any or more of the following reasons.  These could include stagnation in the present career, no fulfillment or job-satisfaction, no challenges or career progression.  As you are coping with dissatisfaction and tensions, you may be confused and uncertain of making the right choice for yourself.  At this point career change counseling can step in and hold your hand when you most need it.

Career change counseling has a holistic approach as it guides you and offers support and advice to choose the right career.  It offers the following:

*Helps you to understand and analyze your likes and dislikes.

*Assists you in identifying your transferable and soft skills which can be best utilized in other careers.

*Guides you in planning and approaching career change options in a systematic and realistic manner.

*Helps you in identifying any courses or qualifications you may require to complete, to pursue your dream career.

*It facilitates the process of short-listing the most suitable careers and presents you with various career options.

*Helps you in identifying your long-term career goals and fit that with your aspiration for work-life balance.

*It also helps you to write professional resumes and cover letters and also prepares you to attend interviews successfully.

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  1. Hiren says:

    The issue is that how many people in India give any kind of career counselling. Career transition is a complicated subject and it does not per se exist in India. Professional career coaching needs to come to India so that job misfits do not suffer.

  2. Priyal shah. says:

    I m a Second year student, doing my B.Com. I have cleared my Higher Secondary Examination with 74.46%. I wanted to pursue a degree in C.A but I founded it to be a difficult one to cope up with it. My Accounts and Theory is good. So can you just guide it what should I do futher?

  3. mariam says:

    Hi my name is mariam i just want to change my career edu because 1st reason is that most people says that there are no degree value of mine i do a bba from pakistan i have done 3 semsters and i have not getting good grades and im not a intelligent student bt i want too do something in which i can earn good money and plz help me now im in usa there are totally differ pattern and im not smart student help me

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