Career Choice Tests

The Career Choice Tests are a vocational assessment tool that helps determine the suitable career role for a person, based on his or her career interests, preferences and personality traits. The Career Choice Tests

Why Take the Career Choice Tests?

You should take the Career Choice Tests if you are not sure about what particular profession should you join and what sort of tasks would you enjoy the most. Although most people are well aware of their likes and dislikes as far as certain activities are concerned, they are not able to apply their preferences to their professional lives, and therefore, they are not able to make the most of their abilities by remaining undecided about which career path to take. This is where the Career Choice Tests can help.

Who Formulates Career Choice Tests?

The Career Choice Tests is developed by psychologists and vocational researchers and experts. These tests are based on the principle that the personal interests and preferences influence the interest, performance and satisfaction of a particular task or job for a person.


You should consider the Career Choice Tests based on the following theories. .

  • John Holland’s RIASEC Career Development Model
  • Frank Parsons’ Career Development Theory

Career Choice Tests: Method

Career Choice Tests feature a questionnaire offering closed end questions, which ask the person taking the test to choose between the most appropriate options for a number of task role choices that the person taking the test would have to choose between These choices reflect the career interest of the person taking the test and the result of the test is based on the greatest choice area.

Career Choice Tests: Impact

The Career Choice Tests should recommend exactly what type of professions would suit the interests and personality of a particular person based on the choices made in the questionnaire. 

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