Career Compatibility Test

The Career Compatibility Test assesses how much a particular field of work or a job is compatible with the interests and perceived abilities of a person.

Why Take the Career Compatibility Test?

Almost anyone can take the Career Compatibility Test to see if the particular career they are in or are about to join suits their interests and abilities. However, most of the people who require career guidance and counseling are not aware of their interest, let alone the abilities. Whether you are consulting a counselor or not, you can assess to a great extent what career would suit you based on your candid replies to its questions.

Who Formulates a Career Compatibility Test?

The Career Compatibility Test is formulated by psychologists and vocational experts based on the theory that the most suitable career for a person should be compatible with the personality and interests of a person, which in turn determine their abilities.


Check if the Career Compatibility Test you are about to take is based on one of the following vocational theories.

  • John Holland’s RIASEC Career Development Model
  • Frank Parsons’ Career Development Theory
  • Birkman Method

Career Compatibility Test: Method

The Career Compatibility Test focuses on the personality traits and the interests of a particular person and examines what career would be the most compatible and suitable for people with these characteristics. The test is a questionnaire covering factors such as moods, emotions, socializing, work place relations, values, organizational loyalty, physical ability, physical health, the nature of tasks, commute and interests. The score is rated on the basis of choices made.

Career Compatibility Test: Impact

The Career Compatibility Test should be able to determine what type of career is suitable for a person depending on their responses to the questionnaire, which helps in finding out various aspects of their personalities and interests. A good career compatibility test would recommend one or more professions for a person.

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