Career Counseling

career counseling

Career counseling helps you to understand and analyze your skills, abilities, and potential based on your interests, qualifications and experience.  It can help you immensely while deciding on a career.

When confronted with myriad options, be it in subject-majors, careers or occupations, career counseling can help you select the most suitable career path.  Counseling is helpful, not just when you start off on a career, but at various junctures during the course of your career.

Career counseling can be helpful whether you are on the threshold of a new career or considering a career change, or in the process of choosing majors for specializations.  It can help you make that right choice.

Counseling acts like an outsider’s perspective, which can throw better light on your choices.  It offers career guidance and helps you to consider the different options available.  Career counseling generally works in conjunction with career aptitude tests while offering career guidance.

Career counseling assists you by giving a clearer picture of your choices.   Sometimes, it is not possible for us to view the potential outcome of our own career options.  A career counselor can help you to understand the industry-trends as well the future prospects of your career choices.

Career counseling also facilitates in various aspects related to careers, like choosing the right courses, writing impressive CVs, and helping you with job-searches.  It can help you strengthen your skills and gently nudges you towards the most suitable career-path.

Counseling at the right stages in your career can lend you that helping hand, and arm you with the requisite information to make the right choices.

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  1. arati says:

    i am in flix and am unable to select a proper career for myself..i have been equally good at all am doing my 11th in KV..

  2. om gupta says:

    what is the age to join merchant navy for nautical science
    which may be the good college & what is the cost of course

  3. lakshmi says:

    i finished my engineering(cse) in 2000.i left the job due to some i want to do any computer related work from home.i have internet connection .
    what are the possible ways to prepare myself to get a job,that the work can be done from home.

  4. aanchal says:

    i hav just completed my B.Tech IT . I was never interested in computers.I have always been sporty person but could not get guidance as to what i should do to make my hobbies my work.Sir i wish to visit various places ,gain knowledge about the different cultures and history of the places and somehow share with the people world-wide.Please please please guide me as to what i should do further so that i start living and enjoying my days.
    Also tell me if i could make use of my degree in the field im interested in,as told above.
    Thanking You,Eagerly waiting for reply

  5. Shatakshie says:

    I’m a class 12th student with PCM+Computers. I have a interest in computers and physics. So guide me the right career where there is a good oppurtunity for job. I have thought about going in IT feild or doing computer science engg. Tell which one is better or if there is any other then plzzzzzzzzzzz tell. Also tell some good colleges and universities. Reply me on my id plzzzzzz. PLEASE reply soon I’ll be waiting for the same.

  6. sandeep kumar says:

    sir me bsc. (bio.) iii rd me hu mujhe aage kya karna chahiye ki mera career sahi ho or mere lie radiography and radiotharapy diploma course kesa rahega sir plz iske bare me mujhe batao

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