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Career development can be seen in two contexts: organizational development or (OD) and personal development.  In both contexts, it is the sum-total of an individual’s growth and development.

Studies have shown that career development is influenced by psychological, educational, sociological, economical and various other factors.  Both personal and professional factors help in determining and shaping career development.

Career development is an imminent need and necessity in today’s world, especially, when the business and work environment are constantly changing and evolving.  There is a need to constantly upgrade your skills and update your knowledge.

With work culture, changing, the onus of career development now falls on the individual rather than the organization.  It is imperative in the modern times to make yourself as employable as possible.  You must have the flexibility to learn, unlearn and relearn in order to adjust and grow with a dynamic work culture.

Career   development need not be a complicated issue.  When on the path of career development it is important to plan out how to go about this process.

First, there is a need to identify and analyze your specialized skills and abilities.  You must also take into accounts your aptitudes and interests, as these can make any future goals, that much more reachable.

The next step would be to have a set of goals and see how best you can achieve those, with the qualifications and skills you have.  At this stage, it is also important to keep your plans and ambitions in sync with those of the organization.

By keeping up with the latest developments in your specialized field, you can do a better job and bring about better results for both yourself and the organization at large.

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  1. pritam says:

    Hi, I have been working with the aviation industry for the past 12 years now and currently I am working as a Base manager with the cabin Crew Department.I want to take up MBA in Hospitality Management/MAB in Travel and Tourism Management.Kindly which course will be more helpful for me as I want persue my carrer in Hotels also.
    Kindly Advise as to where I could see my self if I persue MBA in the above mentioned feild. Is there any other relevent course I can persue.

  2. mohammed mohsin says:

    Dear Sir/madam
    This is khan is a graduate in computer science and i did Fares and Ticketing courses in virgin atlantic so i cant able understand because i m not satisfied with this is course due not respondng correctly
    so please suggest me what to do

  3. C.Priya says:

    Hi, I have completed B.Sc statistics. i would like to do M.Sc statistics.
    Kindly guide me regarding this course. and scope of this course. Is there any other relevent course i can persue.

  4. shrutibadole says:

    Hi, I have done B.E in electrical .I passed engg. in 2003 so there is ten years of gap so iwant to know that which course is suitable for please suggest me.

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