Career Finder Test

A Career Finder Test is aimed to offer the precise career guidance by basing the results on the closest choices made.

Why Take the Career Finder Test?

People who want career help have little idea of what career they really want to take for the rest of their lives. This is because they are not aware of their interests. Others are not able to make their minds between more than one career choices. This test can help them determine the greatest area of interest as far as their professional life is concerned.

Who Formulates a Career Finder Test?

A Career Finder Test is designed by psychologists and vocational experts. The concept behind the test is that the career of a person should match their interests, choices and personality types. People with a particular personality type and career interest would always enjoy certain careers than others. For example, the Artistic type would be comfortable with becoming a writer, and not a mechanic.


The Career Finder Tests based on the following sources are the most trusted and reliable.

  • The Princeton Review Career Quiz
  • John Holland’s RIASEC Career Development Model

Career Finder Test: Method

The Career Finder Test is a questionnaire that is based on task oriented choices for a given situation. The choices made by the persons taking the test determine their area of interest. The test narrows down the greatest interest area by focusing on the most preferred alternatives. The scoring is based on the alternatives chosen, which determines which profession will be the most suitable for an individual.

Career Finder Test: Impact

The Career Finder Test should help individuals determine there career interest and on the basis of that finding, it should be able to clearly recommend a particular occupation or a broad career area for the individual. 

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