Career in Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics is a field where experts and marketing professionals do research on various factors that influence the market, like the consumers, their habits, needs and preferences, demography, geography, distribution channels, prices, the competitors, their tactics and strategies and so on. This research and analysis is very important in understanding what the consumer wants and what the other companies in the same sector are doing to win over those consumers.

The marketing and promotional activities of a company are very dependent on the data collected, studied and analyzed by the marketing analysts or the marketing research analysts. It is an interesting career and there are many types of jobs available at various positions according to your skills, qualifications and work experience.

Here are a few points one can consider when they want a career in marketing analytics:

  • Responsibilities: A marketing analyst gathers and studies the various types of data that relate to the different factors in a market and using various quantitative techniques and data analysis methods, he comes up with a report which is used by the authorities to create marketing and sales strategies.
  • Qualifications: A person interested in this field must have a bachelor’s and preferably a master’s degree in subjects like business management, business administration, statistics, mathematics, market research, social science etc. These courses will focus on different areas like research, math, economics and quantitative methods.
  • Skills: It is very important to have good analytical and research skills and an eye for details in this field. You should be thorough with your data collection and interpretation and keep yourself updated on the latest developments in the economy and the market
  • Job outlook and salary: The average salary in this position is around $29 an hour or about $61,000 a year. The job outlook is very good with employment growth seen at 28 per cent.

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