Career Path Test

A Career Path Test helps determine the occupation that would be the most suitable for a particular personality type. It helps individuals assess what direction would be the most suitable for their career and what profession would offer the most satisfying work life to them.

Why Take the Career Path Test?

The Career Path Test should be taken by the individuals who are unsure what direction they should offer to their careers. People, who seek or at least require career guidance, are often not aware of their interests even when they step into a profession. Unsatisfied workers and students who are looking for a clue as to what academic discipline they should study could find taking the Career Path test useful. You should take the Career Path Test if you often wonder about what you should do with your life but cannot find the answer.

Who Formulates a Career Path Test?

The Career Path Test is created by vocational experts and psychologists who base the test on the personality and interests of the person taking the test. It is based on the principle that the suitable career path should depend on the personality traits and interests.


The Career Path Test that you take should be based on one of the following vocational theories.

  • Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator
  • John Holland’s RIASEC Career Development Model
  • Frank Parsons’ Career Development Theory
  • Birkman Method

Career Path Test: Method

The test is actually a questionnaire which asks individuals about their interests and choices in various situations. This determines the personality type of the person. After the series of questions, the test offers a choice between various professions and requires individuals to choose the answers that apply. Based on the choices made and the personality type determined, the test would recommend the most suitable career path for you.

Career Path Test: Impact

The Career Path Test should be able to determine the career path, or the most suitable area for work and studies, for a person for their particular personality type. The test may not recommend a particular occupation, but suggest a broad area with certain types of jobs, such as science and research for Investigative personality types.  

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