Career Personality Test

A career personality test assesses the behavior, tendencies, interests and personality traits of a candidate to offer better career guidance. This test shows what type of a career personality does a particular person have, influencing how they work, how they deal with other people and how they manage the challenges involved in it. This test may be recommended by your career counselor to get a good idea about your personality type at work.

Why Take a Career Personality Test?

While a lot of people would take a career personality test out of curiosity, it could actually prove very helpful for individuals who are looking for some career guidance. If you are in a particular career and do not seem to fit in well, then your personality and temperament may not be suitable for it. Once you are familiar with your career personality, you would know what type of occupations are the most suitable for you.

Who Formulates a Career Personality Test?

Career Personality Tests are formulated by psychologists, researchers and other professional experts keeping in mind various factors on the basis of which the score for the test is calculated. Obviously the reliability of the results would depend on the source of the test. You must make sure that the career personality test that you are taking is from a source that you can trust.


Tests based on the personality and career development models of Carl Jung, Frank Parsons and John Holland are the most effective ones. You should follow the career tests offered on reliable websites or seek recommendations from your counselor. Some of the well known Career Personality Test platforms are as follows.

  • Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator
  • John Holland’s RIASEC Career Development Model

Career Personality Test: Method & Impact

A quality and dependable career personality should be able to effectively determine the most suitable career for you based on personality traits, likes, dislikes, decision making and socializing styles, social and emotional behavior and how these factors interact with people and factors at your workplace. The test should offer you a clear result on what sort of professions would suit your personality type. It should recommend you particular fields of work which would prove the most suitable for you for your long term career.

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