Career Placement Test

A career placement test assesses the behavior, tendencies, interests and personality traits of a candidate to offer better career guidance. This test shows what type of a career personality does a particular person have, influencing how they work, how they deal with other people and how they manage the challenges involved in it.

Why Take a Career Placement Test?

If you find yourself misfit and uncomfortable in your current working position, are uninterested in the tasks and feel that your potential is not being realized through your job, then you should take a career placement test to determine what type of work should be the most suitable according to your personality and interests.

Who Formulates a Career Placement Test?

Career Placement Tests are formulated by vocational experts, researchers and psychologists based on the theories explaining the relations between personality types, personal preferences, interests and work.


The career placement test based on John Holland’s Model of Six Personality Trait would be the most effective one in its results.

Career Placement Test: Method

The Career Placement Test involves a questionnaire in which a person is asked to make preferences from a list of tasks pertaining to a particular job. The assessment from the test is made based on the choices made. The test is based on John Holland’s RIASEC Model of Career Development: R (Realistic), I (Investigative), A (Artistic), S (Social), E (Enterprising), and C (Conventional).

Career Placement Test: Impact

The Career Placement Test should be able to determine the personality type based on the choices made. The test should recommend the type of tasks and jobs that suit the personality and preferences of a particular person. This should offer the person who took the test an idea about the type of department that would suit his or her interests and talents within the organization as well.

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