Career Training Academy

Career Description:

A career in a career training academy is quite enriching and fulfilling especially for those who are aspiring to become academicians. The primary aspect of a career in a career training academy is that one will get to interact with students aspiring to be professionals; one will get opportunities to increase their knowledge base; and will get to create, compile, and implement various training programs.

How to become a career training academy counselor:

In order to pursue a career in career training academy, one needs to have excellent communication skills. Apart from this, one needs to also demonstrate fairly good people skills and should be an extrovert. The educational qualifications of a career training academy counselor are bare minimum with more academy’s requiring an undergraduate or associate degree. Some of the specialized career academies require undergraduate degree or certification in specialized courses.

Career training academy counselor courses, training and programs:

There are no specific courses for pursuing a career in a career training academy unless one wants to be a career counselor related to a particular field like marketing or HR. The first step is to choose an undergraduate degree and college of one’s choice and then apply for certification courses in computers or specialized fields. One can even opt for specialized programs from vocational colleges.

Career training academy counselor schools/colleges, education:

There are several top colleges in the US that offer several undergraduate programs in both art and science discipline with majors in specific subjects like economics, history, psychology, commerce, English etc. Those aspiring to be career training academy counselors in marketing can opt for bachelors of marketing management as it will offer leverage.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Yale University

University of Ann Arbor, Michigan

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

University of North Carolina

Career training academy counselor job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The average starting salary for a career training academy counselor varies from $ 27,180 to $52,340 depending and this varies from one state to another.

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