Cartographer Career

Career Description:

Cartographers are the people who do geographical mapping of the earth’s surface by the pictures from aerial photographs and survey data and use it for the preparation of maps, charts and drawings. They fall under the subgroup of mapping scientists. They work for the preparation of manual and computerized drafting instruments, photogrammetric techniques, mathematical formulas, and precision stereo plotting equipment. A cartographer is required to present this data in most precise form.

How to become a Cartographer:

To become a Cartographer one needs to have a bachelor degree in engineering or physical science. One can also do some useful courses like surveying and measurements, mathematics and drafting’s. Good computer knowledge to prepare these pictures and map is mandatory.

Cartographer career courses, training, programs:

One can take the advantage of some very useful and effective programs offered in Cartography. The course modules aim at imparting useful acquaintance to deal with the map preparation and making of map portfolios. After completing a two-year specialized postsecondary school training program one can enter in this field. After gaining experience and further training as a technician one can become a cartographer.

Cartographer career schools/colleges, education:

The education required for becoming an able Cartographer is being provided by several good universities and many fine community colleges. They have programs of their own at the context of this extremely dynamic profession where in the student is also trained about GPS (global positioning system) and GIS which are the latest technology.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Florida State University

University of California, Berkeley

Bingham Young University

Northern Arizona University

Cartographer job opportunities, salaries/pay:

There is a huge variation seen in the salaries of a cartographer it mainly depends upon the company offering the job in cartography. In federal government department the cartographer usually get the salary of $67,989 per year, depending on their qualifications and along with that they also get pension and other benefits. In private sectors people working as a cartographer earn somewhere around $46,080 per year.

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