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Several businesses require the service of a cashier. There are cashier in retails stores, in banks, in administrative offices of the government and so on. The cashiers generally handle the cash transactions at the sale counter of the concerned office. They record the details of the transactions and update it on a daily basis in most of the cases.

How to become a cashier:

The minimum requirement to become a cashier is to attain a high school degree in any stream with decent grades.

It would be favorable for the candidate if has as undergraduate degree in commerce or accountancy.

Some accredited training in regards to handling of cash transactions is always a plus for those who wish to begin their careers by becoming a cashier.

Courses, Training and Programs:

There are training modules in some of the accounting diploma-granting programs that teach to handle the cash transactions in various situations.

There is no specific course but most of the training related activities are learnt at the work place.

Cashier career schools/colleges, education:

Those who are interested to become cashiers must complete their high school diplomas from reputed educational institutes. In USA, there are many such schools.

Getting an undergraduate degree from a good college is also very important as it strengthens the probability to bag a cashier’s job.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

  • Boston College
  • Dartmouth College
  • Pomona College
  • West Virginia University
  • Southern Illinois University

Cashier job opportunities, salaries/pay:

With each passing day, the US economy is adding on the administrative and banking responsibilities in its employment agenda. The numbers of retails stores are increasing in leaps and bounds. All these sectors need cashiers to oversee the huge volumes of cash transactions. The starting salary for a cashier in a public organization is around $ 20,000/annum that increases in due course of time as the concerned person gains in experience.

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