Casino Career

Lights, excitement, money, dices, roulettes and cards describe this career type.

How to Have a Casino Career

To have a casino career if you have not had any experience in Casinos, a casino training school will be the best place to start. College training will give you an added advantage and will help you get employed by some of the big Casinos.

Types, Description, Information

Your career path can lead you to work as a casino dealer, bartender, food and beverage personnel, accounting clerks, managers, cashiers, porters, receptionists, security guards, slot machine personnel, doormen, bouncers, cleaners and personnel from various industries.

Qualifications: Courses, Training, Certification

Some of the classes you will go through in a Casino training career include Poker, Roulette, Introduction to casino games, Surveillance Training and Slot Machines. There are certifications, online programs, apprentice options, seminars and workshops available to attain these qualifications.

Casino Schools, Colleges, Universities

To gain admission into Casino Schools, you need some bit of experience or an interest in the casino industry. You will also find it necessary to know the precise course you need to study for a particular job or position prior to filing your application to the various colleges. One advantage to this career is that there is a great demand for professionals in the casinos, therefore, it will be possible to work part time as you study. The popular colleges and universities offering casino courses include:

  • The Casino College in California
  • Casino Dealer School in Michigan
  • Casino Training- Atlantic Cape Community College
  • Professional Dealers School in New Jersey
  • Black Jack Dealer School in Los Angeles

Job Opportunities Salaries, Recruitment

You will work in many places such as casinos or cruise ships. The job outlook for those in casino careers is quite good since there are casinos continuously opening up all over the world. This means that recruitment for job opening is good and you should be able to get a casino job quickly. One of the best places to start your casino job search is online. There are many job listings all over the world for casino employees. You will most likely start out with entry level jobs at the bottom of the career ladder.

Casino managers and floor supervisors are some of the well paid individuals. Their pay is $40-$270 a day. Dealers earn low salaries and most of their income comes from tips. Bouncers and security guards can make $70-$120 a day depending on various factors. The annual average is 47,000$.

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