Catering Career

A successful event is often judged by the quality of food service because people love to socialize around food. Caterers often serve important events, work with event planners, customers and come up with great menu.

How to Have a Catering Career

Attaining a good level of training is the key to a good catering career. People prefer to dine at a restaurant that is run by qualified personnel. Training also gives you knowledge of the new trends today in terms of food and service. Having qualification will also make it easy for you to land a well paying job in this industry unlike some years back when caterers were uneducated.

In order to join this field of work, you are required to have good social skills. This makes it possible for you to attract customers and have your product sold. Creativity and cooking ability is also needed in order to host a successful event. Whether you sell food or cook it, savvy business skills are very important.


A catering job has many forms; some people specialize in cooking while others in hosting events. Your job description will depend on the environment of work however common tasks include food service, cleaning, sales/marketing and food preparation.

Qualifications: Course, Training and Programs

Catering schools do not require one to have a high level of education before enrollment. However if you intend to enroll as a Chef rather than an assistant then a slightly high level of education will be essential.

Catering Schools, Colleges, Universities

Catering schools are usually a department under a culinary arts school. This department focuses mainly on catering which is different from cooking itself. Some classes you can undertake in this school include nutrition, chemistry and arts. To top it up, students are offered hands on experience and various workshops. The following list is the five top colleges and study centers that offer catering courses:

  • Ashworth College, AZ
  • Kendall College – Chicago,
  • Sullivan University- Kentucky
  • Penn Foster Career School – online study program
  • French Culinary Institute, NY

Job Opportunities, Salaries, Recruitment

Caterers usually work in private companies that serve a certain area. Since this business is often owned by self employed people it can take time to progress and grow. However once the business has grown, it brings in a high income. It requires one to build his reputation in order to have clients. Fresh graduates should start their career by working under a well established caterer most often as an assistant manager. You should apply straight to the company you intend to work for. Today the average salary is $51,000 a year. If you own the catering center then your salary will depend on your marketing and sales skills.

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