Catering Manager Career

The catering manager’s world revolves around the management of the catering services of a food establishment or business. The catering manager trains and supervises his staff to ensure customer satisfaction.  He is responsible for planning, designing and managing of all catering activities or services.  He establishes the budget and makes sure that all needs are met within the budget.  Becoming a catering manager requires one to have an interest in food service, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and a creative mind.  He must be able to execute catering services or events that are organized and well-prepared.

How to become a Catering Manager

An aspiring catering manager must move his way up the corporate ladder from an entry-level position in the food service field.  One must gain as much experience as he can.  Knowing one’s way in the kitchen or food service will help one in becoming a catering manager.  Earn a degree in hotel management, restaurant management or hospitality management.  Gaining a degree will help one fast track his promotion and get better benefits.  As a catering manager, he must be updated with the latest trends in the industry.  He must be aware of the changes and challenges to help one plan and strategize.

Catering Manager Courses, training, programs

The courses provided for aspiring catering managers include management, food preparation, meal planning and sanitation laws. One is also given background in finance, accounting and other business theories.  Having a chance to work in the food business will help one gain practical skills and experience.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

Cornell School of Hotel Administration, New York

University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Harrah Hotel College, Nevada

Michigan State University School of Hospitality Business, Michigan

Pennsylvania State School of Hospitality Management, Pennsylvania

Virginia Polytechnic and State University, Virginia

Catering Manager Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

Various hotels, restaurants, resorts and food catering businesses gives one an opportunity to land a catering manager position. Preparing for this career path means having the right exposure and experience in the food business.  As one gets promoted as catering manager, he may earn from $30,568 to $46,344 annually.

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