Celebrity Fashion Stylist Career

A celebrity fashion stylist is involved in taking style decisions for celebrities. Usually celebrity fashion stylists work in teams, with hair, makeup, accessories, clothes, jewelry being some of the main aspects of a celebrity’s style statement. The contribution and vision of a celebrity fashion stylist goes a long way in allowing the celebrity to form a style statement of his or her own. In the world of glamour and showbiz, a celebrity is known for his or her unique style and the stylist’s contribution in this is enormous.

How to become a celebrity fashion stylist:

Building up an impressive portfolio is the first thing that a prospective celebrity fashion stylist has to do. Celebrities will not hire a stylist without a stringent check of his or her antecedents since style and glamour are such important parts of showbiz. Therefore getting attached with a renowned stylist as an intern is another way to enter the hallowed portals of stardom.

Celebrity fashion stylist career courses, training, programs:

A celebrity fashion stylist analyst must attend courses on skincare regime, hair styling, couture design, textiles, fashion photography and other allied fields. This will give a comprehensive idea of the needs in this profession. For example, high definition makeup is used on celebrities and to understand the properties, knowledge of camera, lighting are also needed.

Celebrity fashion stylist career schools/colleges, education:

Formal education is not mandatory for a celebrity fashion stylist, but knowledge of fashion designing, or a formal certificate in a beautician’s course or advanced skin and hair therapy can stand the individual in good stead.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Milwaukee Area Technical College

Pearl River Community College

Northern Michigan University

University of Michigan

Celebrity fashion stylist job opportunities, salaries/pay:

A celebrity fashion stylist’s job pays well, as expected. The person earns around 45,000USD per annum, but this is dependent on the wages fixed by the union the person belongs to, the individual discretion of the celebrity, work experience, expertise and so on.

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