CFO Career

CFO stands for Chief Financial officer and is an employee of a corporation who is responsible for looking after the financial issues. He is the person who is responsible for handling risks related to finance of an organisation and hence makes for one of the most important employees of any company. He keeps financial records and looks after the financial planning and reporting to the higher management department.

How to Become a CFO

Any person who has completed his Bachelors in a subject like accounting or finance can qualify to apply for the position of a CFO. It is tremendously preferred if the applicant has a degree of MBA and that too in Finance for this job profile. It might not be always easy to get this position without experience therefore an employee working at a lower position in the finance department can also gradually work his way to the CFO’s position. An employee working as a CFO in a smaller company can also apply to a bigger one.

CFO Courses, Training, Programs

The only training that one can have to become a CFO is experience. One needs to be highly aware of the finance of a company and the way risks are handled in order to qualify for the job. Diploma courses in accounting or finance can also help applicant. Training under a CFO can be considered a good point in the resume of the applicant.

TOP 5 colleges/ Universities

Dakota State University

University of Buffalo

City university of New York

Georgia Tech University

Massachusetts University

CFO Job Opportunities, Salaries, recruitment

This is an important job profile and hence pays handsomely. A person can earn around $50000 per year while working as a CFO. The scope for promotion is quite huge and recruitment process if considered tough as it comprises of many rounds. The job may require long working hours

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