Chartered Management Accountant Career

Career description:

A chartered management accountant is a person who is responsible for maintaining and analyzing the financial information of a company. The chartered management accountant plays a vital role in the stability of the company as the management takes decisions based on the analysis provided by the accountant. The work of the accountant may be limited to a particular department or may span over the entire organization. The accountant needs to provide trends for the future, cost reduction and ways to pre-empt problems.

How to become a Chartered Management Accountant

The candidates who wish to build a career as a chartered management accountant need to be a graduate with a bachelor or a master degree. The aspirant needs to choose account related academics in college and while undergoing any training or certification. The accountant needs to have good communication skills and should be proficient in math. The candidate needs to be good with analysis and handling mathematical data.

Chartered Management Accountant career courses, training, programs:

The aspirants may choose to do a bachelor or a master degree in the field of accounting. The candidate needs to ensure that Accounts is one of the majors in any degree that he/she chooses. The training programs that enhance analytical skills will help the career of the student.

Chartered Management Accountant career schools/colleges, education:

The candidate becomes proficient in math with the education in school and college. The training and certification programs that are conducted in college orient the candidate to the industry. The candidates sharpen their skills along the way of education, training and work.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

  1. American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  2. University of Pennsylvania
  3. University of Texas
  4. University of Illinois
  5. Ashford University

Chartered Management Accountant job opportunities, salaries/pay:

The most common employers of chartered management accountants are banking, insurance, tax and government. The average salary of a chartered management accountant is $32,684. The salaries vary depending on the experience and the organization.

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