Chief Financial Officer Career

Career Description

The position of a chief financial officer is one of the top management positions in any firm. Managing the finances of a firm like setting the debt-to-equity ratio, dividend decisions, shareholder and client interactions, preparing yearly financial accounts and statements of the company are all included in the job responsibilities of a chief financial officer. The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) works in collaboration with other top management to decide the future direction of the firm.

How to become a Chief Financial Officer:

To become a chief financial officer, candidates should have a relevant background work experience in different financial management positions in a firm apart from gaining relevant educational experience. It would be better if students can choose to pursue their master of business administration in finance from any of the top universities.

Chief Financial Officer career courses, training, programs:

There are many courses and training programs that teach students all the necessary courses to make them successful in their role as a chief financial officer. However it depends a lot on the candidate’s abilities like analytical skills, good management skills, excellent financial decision taking abilities, etc.

Chief Financial Officer career schools/colleges, education:

Students will find no dearth of opportunities in the United States to pursue world-class education to become effective and efficient chief financial officers. Some of those top institutes are listed below.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

American Inter Continental University

Liberty University

Strayer University

North Central University

Southern New Hampshire University

Chief Financial Officer Job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

Those candidates who aim to become a chief financial officer can find many opportunities in almost every sector including health care, manufacturing and distribution, retail, wholesale distribution, construction, Information Technology (IT) Services, etc. Candidates are expected to have a very high level of expertise and experience to become a chief financial officer. According to the salary estimates by National Salary data and released through Pay Scale, the annual compensation of a chief financial officer ranges between $61,000 and $237,000 with a high level of compensation being the variable component.

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