Child Welfare Caseworker Career

Career Description:

A Child Welfare Caseworker comes in direct contact with children and deal with their problems. Child care problems are many and range from cases like difficulty in studying, domestic violence, sexual harassment, depression due to peer pressure or neglecting, etc. Often these professionals need to find children who are facing these problems and assist them in coming to terms with a normal life.

How to become a Child Welfare Caseworker:

Most of the professionals working in the field of child welfare have at least completed their Bachelor’s degree in related streams like sociology, child welfare, children psychology, etc. Work exposure like part time employment with child care services will nurture one’s skills in child care and especially in understanding the unsaid or unexpressed problems.

Child Welfare Caseworker Career courses, training, programs:

To become Child Welfare Caseworker, a candidate needs to pursue their education in streams related to Child Psychology. These courses provide useful education on different issues that children face, how to make them talk about it, and how to cope with them.

Child Welfare Caseworker Career schools/colleges, education:

There are various popular schools and universities in the US that provide courses like Health, education, counseling, wellness, etc based on child issues. These courses provide the necessary skills to make a candidate an expert at child welfare.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

Capella University

Walden University

University of Phoenix

Grand Canyon University

Kaplan University

Child Welfare Caseworker job opportunities, salaries/pay, recruitment:

Most of the opportunities as the Child Welfare case worker can be found in the social services space. Most of these social services organizations are federally sponsored or function independently. The salary of an average child welfare case worker is $40,000 with maximum reaching up to $60,000. Relevant work experience helps a candidate to improve the employability and earning capacity. Recruitment will lay more weight age on the background work experience and less on the education obtained.

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  1. nashibe daniels says:

    hi im nashibe im 16 turning 17 on the 23 of january 2012 im in grade 11 at C.M.E.S high school.I really want to go and study child welfare at some great university overseas but need some1 to please sponsor me.I also want to learn more about the career so when im done with school i wont be so clueless.thank you nashibe

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