If you want to have a childcare career, you need to be a well organized person. You also need to have a good temperament and be able to contain children. You need to be patient and creative, as well as have good communication skills with children. Just because you are a good parent does not mean that you will be great in childcare. As a childcare teacher, you will be able to provide motivation, a positive environment as well as a listening ear for children who are growing up.

How to get started in a childcare career

You will need to have a high school diploma, sometimes even less for you to get a childcare job.

Care for the children is usually provided at a school, home or care center.
Most states will not provide any stringent measures to anyone who is providing childcare to a small group of children aged less than 5 years. But if you are taking care of a large group of children, you will need to have at least some kind of professional training and state certification.

There are a minimum number of hours of training you need to undergo by different states if you want to have a childcare career. Also expect to undergo background checks to see if you have any criminal records. This is in order to prevent children from getting abused. Also, this type of screening will make it cheaper for you when you are taking your insurance since you will have some level of credibility.

Types Description, Information

You can work in day nurseries. These usually deal with preschoolers aged 2-5 years old. These kinds of children are usually not potty trained.
Out of school care, involves providing childcare to older children who are at a school going age when they are out of school. These can be during the evenings, weekends and summer holidays.
You can also pursue your childcare career at the elementary and high school level.

CHILDCARE Qualifications: Courses, Training, Certification

A high school diploma is enough to get you started as a childcare worker
Schools, Colleges, Universities offering Teaching Degrees
You can pursue a college degree in teaching if you want to, though this is not a requirement unless you are a director of a childcare center. One of the best colleges to pursue a teaching degree is the University of Phoenix.

Job Opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

The average salary for those in the childcare career is $28,000. There are a lot of job opportunities available for anyone wanting to enter the industry. This is usually caused by the high rate of turn over of employees in the industry due to job dissatisfaction over pay and working conditions. Again, there is increased need for quality childcare providers, especially for children who are aged less than 5 years old. In addition, since most parents are usually working out of home full time, they need to leave there children with someone. So you can be sure to get a job when you pursue a childcare career

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