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CIA is the civilian intelligence agency working under and with the United States government and stands for Central Intelligence Agency. A CIA Agent career path is considered to be highly challenging and to a great extent dangerous and violent as well. The toughest part of a CIA Agent’s career is when they are field operatives and have to work in some of the harshest and unfriendly environments. The primary objective of a CIA agent is to provide global intelligence related to military, political, economic, and technological environments. Most CIA agents work under the Clandestine Service Unit based in Washington or even global field based positions. As a CIA agent, you will be a part of an elite corps. A CIA agent undergoes training at Camp Peary in York County, Virginia and this training academy is popularly known as “The Farm”.

How to become a CIA Agent:

In order to become a CIA Agent, you need to complete an undergraduate program in any discipline and should have GPA scores that are 3.0. Majors in subjects like engineering, accounting, economics, Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, and science will be an added benefit when you apply for the position of a CIA agent. Some of the other pre-requisites for CIA field agents include spoken and written knowledge of foreign languages, martial arts certification, working knowledge of computers and technical gadgets, ability to work under great pressure and handle high pressure situations, effective communication, pleasant personality, high degree of physical fitness, and strong analytical skills.

CIA Agent career courses, training, programs:

The minimum educational requirement to pursue a CIA agent career is an undergraduate degree in disciplines like linguistics, information and technology, science, mathematics, computers etc. Most top CIA agents belong to the clandestine services and it helps to have a specialization. Depending on the career path that you want to follow as an agent, you can complete your majors in a related subject.

CIA Agent career schools/colleges, education:

There are several top colleges and universities in the USA that offer undergraduate programs in different disciplines.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

Princeton University, NJ

Columbia University, NY

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA

Stanford University, CA

CIA Agent field job opportunities, salaries/pay:

CIA agent salaries are not disclosed to public, although according to their website the salary can vary from $30,000 – $155,500 per annum depending on the agents grade and experience. Apart from the salary, CIA offers several benefits including paid time off, retirement benefits, federal health and life insurance, education and training, credit union, moving expenses, and much more.

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