CIA Analyst Career

Career Description:

As the name suggest, the main job of a CIA analyst is to analyze the information given to him and evaluate systematically. There can be various sources of the information as there are varieties of sources. They include local as well as national and international contacts and also information through satellite surveillance. Careful assessment and reliability is needed in this job as most of the information is incomplete and unreliable. Appropriate person for this job must have intelligence and out of the box thinking skills.

How to become a CIA analyst:

To become a CIA analyst, the person must have the U.S. nationality and should have a clean criminal and drug use record. Applicants who have a bachelors and masters are preferred and GPA of at least 3 is preferred. People applying for the CIA analyst job should have a prior analyst experience which will help them in understanding the sensitive and confidential information. The CIA exams and the interviews have to be passed, followed by medical and polygraph tests.

CIA analyst courses, training and programs:

Career Analyst Program (CAP) has to be attended by all the new analysts that are hired. This program includes writing, thinking and other basic skills needed in the job. The CAP is followed by intermediate and advanced training programs as well as off site training programs.

CIA analyst schools/colleges:

All around USA there are many colleges and universities which offer courses and disciplines which help in the career of a CIA analyst later.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

  • Sherman Kent School for Intelligence Analysis
  • Columbia University, NY
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA
  • Stanford University, CA
  • Princeton University

CIA analyst job, opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

If a person is looking to apply for the job, then the opportunities are ample as the surveys suggest 10% growth in the employment of CIA analysts. The job profile gives you a chance to travel the world and the salary depends on the experience of the analyst. It can range between $50,066 and $74,735.

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