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Civil engineering was one of the first disciplines of engineering to emerge. Civil engineering focuses on the environment- physical and built. It deals with creation, design, building and maintenance. Civil engineering is divided into different smaller disciplines, the most common being structural engineering which deals with buildings, mainly their design, construction and maintenance. In this field we find architecture that deals specifically with buildings. In architecture the engineer is involved in the planning, designing and construction of the building. In the past it was difficult to distinguish the terms civil engineering and architecture but with the passage of time architecture has emerged as a term that is given to civil engineers who focus on designing and planning structures for human use e.g. houses. Architects create the blueprints that are used during construction. Civil engineering requires the application of the principles taught in mathematics and physics. Proficiency in these subjects is necessary.

How to Become a Civil Engineer

Civil engineering is very technical and the minimum requirement as entry level into the career is normally a degree that is offered in most institutions. This course is either offered as a discipline on its own or under the Bachelor of Science option. The course lasts for a minimum of four years but it could take more time depending on the country and institution. Graduating with this degree is considered the beginning of the career.

Types, Descriptions, Information

Civil engineers work as architects and assist in designing buildings; they are also responsible for urban planning.

Qualifications: Courses, Training and Certifications

Civil engineers require a minimum degree to pursue this career. The exams are usually certified by a body that issues a certification after graduates receive their degrees and each country has its own body. This certification ensures that the individual can also pursue this career not just in their country but also in other countries. It is important to pursue this course in a reputable institution to enjoy excellent facilities.

Schools, Colleges and Education

Top Schools and Colleges

1. University of California in Berkeley, California

2. University of Illinois, Urban-Champaign, Chicago

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts

4. Stanford University Palo Alto, California

5. University of Texas, Austin, Texas

Job Opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

There are plenty of opportunities in civil engineering especially in the field of architecture. Cities are coming up everyday and people are renovating old buildings; each time this takes place an engineer is needed. Civil engineers are generally well paid with a salary package of a minimum of $40,000 per year although the figures rise with time/experience.

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