College Career Test

A College Career Test is a career counseling tool which helps college students to determine what sort of career they are interested in. It is designed particularly for the college students so that they can shape their academic careers in relation to the career of their choice.

Why Take the College Career Test?


You should take the College Career Test if you are a college student and are seeking or are thinking about consulting a career counselor. In fact, a career counselor could recommend you the test anyway. The test would help you determine what career would be the most suitable for you and what particular discipline should you be studying in college to help you with the career.

Who Formulates a College Career Test?

The College Career Test is created by psychologists, educationists and professional experts who are aware of the academic challenges and pressures encountered by college students. These tests are designed specifically for college students and keep various factors in consideration that are faced by college students. Make sure that you are taking. It is better to consult your career counselor for taking a test you could trust.


The following principles should be used for the formulation of a College Career Test, so that it could offer you the best results.

  • Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator
  • John Holland’s RIASEC Career Development Model
  • Frank Parsons’ Career Development Theory
  • Birkman Method


College Career Test: Method

The College Career Test features a questionnaire focusing on the interests and preferences of the person taking the test on a variety of situations, determines their aptitude and evaluates the results based on the answers and choices made in the test.


College Career Test: Impact

The College Career Test should effectively help college students determine what particular discipline they should be pursuing in college and what career would be the most suitable for them.



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