Commercial Insurance Agent Career

A commercial insurance agent acts as a link or bridge between insurance companies and clients and help he clients by suggesting them suitable insurance plans. These individuals use their knowledge of risk management and insurance market to find the right insurance policies and covers for clients and then help them out throughout the process.  To become a commercial insurance agent, a candidate must be knowledgeable about this field of work and must possess the required qualifications as well.

How to become a commercial insurance agent:

Anybody who wants to become a commercial insurance agent must first complete post-secondary education and then go on to either gain further education or directly sit for the licensing examination.  To become a licensed insurance agent, graduation or bachelor’s degree is not a compulsory requirement but bachelors in the field of finance, accounting, mathematics, or economics is considered preferable by employers.  Apart from educational requirements, the candidate must also have the technical know-how of insurance policies and plans.

Commercial insurance agent career courses, training, programs:

The first step is to obtain the high school certificate and then second compulsory degree or course requirement for a commercial insurance agent is to pass the written licensing test and get a license.  To gain further training, one can train under an established insurance firm and get to know about the technical aspects related to the job.

Commercial insurance agent career schools/colleges, education:

There are several colleges from where the candidate can complete bachelor’s education or an associate degree in finance or economics to be able to perform better at the job.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

California University

New York University

University of Ohio

Ontario University

Commercial insurance agent job opportunities, salaries/pay:

For all those who are working as commercial insurance agents, the average annual salary is around $28000. The salary may vary depending upon the work profile and the type of organization.

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