Commercial Real Estate Broker Career

Career Description:

A commercial real state broker takes on the role of mediating between a seller and a buyer.  Commercial properties, such as office buildings, apartments, malls, stores and industrial plants, are sold through a commercial real estate broker. He is tasked to manage real estate agents, make financial plans and close business deals.  A commercial real estate broker must have a relevant background of the real estate industry to become successful.  He must be able to communicate and negotiate well in order to get the rewards of such career.  One must also know how to network and give excellent customer service.  To have a satisfying career, a commercial real estate broker needs to earn the trust of his clients.

How to become a Commercial Real Estate Broker

To become a commercial real estate broker, one must have an associate or bachelor’s degree in real state.  One must have a background in business, finance, economics, marketing, accounting and law.  With one’s education and experience, a commercial real estate broker may then secure a license.  One must continue to learn about the latest developments within the industry and apply strategies based on the demands and needs of clients.

Commercial Real Estate Broker Courses, training, programs

An aspiring commercial real estate broker must study the ins and outs of the business.  A degree in real estate provides the student.  A real estate degree covers appraisal, brokerage, sales, marketing, management, finance, economics, accounting, and information system.  One is also given background in market analysis, investment analysis and real estate transactions.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin

University of California-Berkeley, California

University of Georgia, Georgia

University of Southern California, California

Commercial Real Estate Broker Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A commercial real estate broker has a chance to earn from $40,155 to $102,409 per year.  Employment in real estate firms gives one a good chance of pursuing this type of career but being self-employed can also be considered.  The success of a commercial real estate broker depends on one’s ability to connect with clients and other people connected to the industry.

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