Commodities Trader Career

A Commodities trader is a person who is responsible for selling and buying products and securities either independently or through a company’s trading department. They are also required to manage the accounts for the clients and have to provide both investment related and financial advice to the firm for which they are working. There are certain educational qualifications which a person must possess in order to become a commodities trader.

How to become a Commodities trader:

Completing high school education in any subject but from a recognized school is mandatory for most commodity traders. Though there are no other compulsory educational requirements, bachelor’s degree in any subject with economics or finance as the main discipline is accepted at most companies hiring commodities traders. In case of a securities trader, an MBA in finance may also be another coursework requirement.

Commodities trader career courses, training, and programs:

In order to be successful at the job of a commodity trader, one needs more besides the academic requirements. There are courses and training programs which can train candidates to learn the buying and selling of large amounts of commodities.  Sometimes, a license of financial industry regulatory authority (FINRA) may also be made mandatory for the aspiring commodity traders.  Apart from this personality development courses can be taken to improve interpersonal skills and communication abilities to deal with the clients.

Commodities trader career schools/colleges, education:

There is no dearth of schools and colleges which provide the education that is required for a person to enter the field of commodity trading. There are several career schools too which can help a person gain the skills, knowledge and education which a commodity trader might require. Courses in finance, economics and mathematics are offered by almost all universities and colleges.

Top 4 colleges/universities:

The Ohio State University

New York University

Boston University

North Carolina University

Commodities trader job opportunities, salaries/pay:

Any person working as a commodities trader can earn a sum of $166000 along with perks and incentives.

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