Commodity Broker Career

Career description:

A Commodity broker is one who has very good hold on the fundamentals of how commodities trading works. He buys and sells commodities on behalf of his clients. Sometimes a commodity broker also acts as a guide to a client who wants assistance in trading in commodities. In such a case a Commodity broker gives the relevant market information on commodities. Commodities commonly include energy, agricultural products, natural resources like oil, etc.

How to become a Commodity Broker:

Though no formalized training is required to become a commodity broker, but after pursuing under graduation one must complete a graduate degree in the related field. Soft skills needed for the job include building strong communication skills and ability to deliver under pressure.

Commodity Broker Career Courses, Training, Programs:

An under graduation followed by MBA in Finance is a good option. Courses like Security Analysis and Portfolio Management also enhances the knowledge required to maximise returns on securities. A good knowledge of sales is also a necessary attribute of a commodity broker.

Commodity Broker Career Schools/colleges, education:

Most of the universities have courses in Finance that educate individuals on futures exchanges, forward and future contracts, etc. Specialized courses in commodity trading can be an added advantage.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

  1. University of Cambridge
  2. Mays Business School
  3. Virginia Tech University
  4. Yale University
  5. University of Minnesota

Commodity Broker Career Job opportunities, salaries, recruitment:

Commodity broking is an extremely competitive but a lucrative field. Recruitment of Commodity Brokers is a rigorous process as there is potential for fraud while handling client’s investment. Most of the stock brokers get onto the field of Commodity broking as both are handled similarly. Most of the source of income of Commodity brokers arises out of commissions on profit generated out of investment, opening new customer accounts, etc. The salary for a Commodity broker is mostly in the range $50,000 to $170,000.

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