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Major organizations continuously organize workshops and training programs for the training of their existing employees and Company Coaches are the key professionals who make sure that such training sessions go according to plan. Organizations that lay special emphasis on human resource development hire Company Coaches who can effectively train their employees, helping them in becoming more useful for their employer. On the other hand, such corporations also outsource such training programs to Company Coaches working with different HR consultancy firms.

Pursuing a Career in Company Coaching

Professionals who have led a successful career in business administration and have a natural turn for helping others learn business management can pursue Company Coaching Career. Usually both companies and consultancy firms looking to hire Company Coaches set experience as an important selection criterion. In order to be successful in Company coaching Career you need to think out of the box and use profound presentation skills matched with well researched resource material so that your students can find it easy to follow your lectures.

Company Coaching: Qualification, Courses, Training

Company Coaches could be hired by corporations, consultancy firms and professional training institutes and the requirements can vary greatly according to the assignment and candidate for the position. Most of the time, Company Coaches will required to hold educational qualifications from Master’s Degree to Doctorate, but almost never less than Bachelor’s Degree. Experienced and accomplished professionals are the only exception for educational requirements.

Company Coaching: Schools, Colleges, Universities

While Company Coaches could follow various educational disciplines, the following training institutes could help them become better professional teachers.

  • Institute of Executive Coaching
  • College of Executive Coaching
  • Career Coach Academy
  • University of Georgetown

Company Coaching Career: Job Opportunities, Salaries and Recruitment

Employment opportunities for Company Coaches are expected to grow by 23% between 2008 and 2018 as per the forecasts put forth by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Company Coaches earn an annual salary $51,450 on average.

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