Competition Manager Career

A passion for sports and competition opens the door to a career called competition manager.  A competition manager takes on the responsibility of making athletic events happen.  He is the manager and coordinator of competitions between schools based on a framework.  The love for sports is something a competition manager promotes.  This is the reason why completion manager works hand in hand with sports associations.  He takes on the specifics in planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating sport competitions.  Competition managers are needed for various sports.  This is a career where one has the opportunity to travel and meet people.

How to become a Competition Manager

Becoming a competition manager requires one to have a degree.   One can get an associate’s degree in sports management before getting a bachelor’s degree in the same field.  And to be equipped for management positions one should move up and get a master’s degree in sports management.  Being a person who is responsible in making things happen, one has to have excellent communication skills.  It is a must that a competition manager be armed with people skills since he will be faced with different types of people.

Competition Manager Courses, training, programs

Getting involved with different types of sports earns one the edge to make it big as a competition manager.  Students of sports management are engaged in courses that will equip them with sports management skills and knowledge in recreation, fitness and wellness.  There are also programs which introduce sports planning, marketing, business and management strategies.   Through the various programs offered through sports management there is no doubt that competition managers are highly equipped upon graduation.

TOP 5 colleges/Universities

University of Oregon

Syracuse University

Ohio University

Indiana University

Ithaca College

Competition Manager Jobs, opportunities, salaries/pay

A competition manager finds himself operating in a school and will handle competitions within his area, region or district.  One may be a part of an association and handles professional sports competitions.  No matter where one finds himself, being a competition manager allows one to promote camaraderie and unity.  The salary of a competition manager ranges from $35,517.50 to $39,779.60.

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