Computer Game Designer Career

There are many non-conventional careers that are gaining lot of popularity these days. One of the foremost among them is the career as a computer game designer. One should have to be very committed to pursue the field of a computer game design. It is a field that prospective computer game designers will enjoy if they are seriously interested to pursue it as their profession. A computer game designer can choose to focus their work on any phase of the computer game design process from the initial planning and till the programming aspects.

How to become a Computer Game Designer:

A seriously interested gamer can become a computer game designer if they have the necessary computer gaming technology skills, artistic ability to create virtual characters who can attract the attention of computer gamers, and can work with a team well.

Computer Game Designer career courses, training, programs:

Candidates could take up courses in computer gaming after having played and absorbed the computer video games for thousands of hours.  Computer game designers can individually contribute with the moving parts of the work and build a unique design that has the ability to lead to new breakthroughs in the field of computer game designing.

Computer Game Designer career schools/colleges, education:

Few colleges and universities as given below provide specialized courses in computer game designing. These courses and programs are known for their superior training and faculty apart from state-of-the-art architecture.

Top 5 colleges/universities:

South University Online

Keiser University

North Central University

Colorado Technical University

Southern New Hampshire University

Computer Game Designer job opportunities, salaries/pay:

There is no dearth of opportunities for candidates who want to become a computer game designer. Candidates who want to become computer game designers can find openings in entertainment or game software companies, audio or video entertainment production firms, computer gaming firms, video game machine companies, etc. It would be highly desirable if the candidate have a few years of experience in the field. According to the salary estimates by National Salary data and released by Pay Scale, the annual salary of a computer game designer can be anything between $30,000 and $90,000 depending upon the level of education and experience.

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