Computer Hardware Engineering Career

A career in computer hardware involves researching, designing, developing, testing and supervising installation of computer hardware. Computer components like chips, circuit boards, computer systems, modems, printers are referred to as computer hardware.  Electronics engineering is similar to computer engineering only that the latter is confined to computers and its related equipment.

How to Become a Computer Hardware Engineer

To qualify for this interesting job, one requires a bachelor’s degree in engineering from a recognized institution.  Engineers should be keen for details, innovative, inquisitive and analytical. A person interested in this field should be a team player since engineers often work with other engineers. Like other careers, experience in the same field is paramount.

To be eligible for a bachelor’s degree program in engineering, you require good scores in mathematics, sciences, English, social studies and computers.

Types, Description, Information

Computer hardware engineers can either work in organizations or opt to offer their services directly to clients. In an organization, the engineers are involved in maintenance of the internal hardware of the respective company.

A freelance engineer needs to be licensed in the state they wish to offer their services.

To beat deadlines computer hardware engineers may be required to work for longer hours and not the usual 37-40 hours a week.

Qualifications, Courses, Training and Certification

Most universities and colleges offer courses in computer engineering due to the high demand for the expertise.  Subjects to be studied by students include computer programming languages, database administration, mathematics, hardware architecture and other courses relevant to the demands of this career.

A career in computer hardware engineering requires one to at least possess an associate’s degree, bachelor or master’s degree.

Schools, Colleges, Universities

For you to be relevant in the job market you will at least have a bachelor’s degree in computer system, computer science or a related field from an accredited institution.

The institutions listed below offer computer hardware courses:

1. Cedarville University School of Natural and Applied Science in Cedarville, Ohio

2. Carnegie Mellon University –Pittsburgh, PA

3. George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia

4. Washington University, St. Louis’s, Washington

5. Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta, Georgia

Job Opportunities, Salaries, Recruitment

As most employers look for experience whenever they are recruiting, it’s important you get an internship after finishing your university education.

This field is saturated and the employment rate is low. To be more competitive you will need to acquire more skills and training to increase your chances of being employed in the available openings. Salaries range between $ 46000 to $100000 per year depending with your experience and company.


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